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Sweets and Zakka

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Sweets and Zakka Mummy Meringue 01
Sweets and Zakka Mummy Meringue 01
Sweets and Zakka Mummy Meringue 02
Sweets and Zakka Mummy Meringue 03
Sweets and Zakka Mummy Meringue 04
Sweets and Zakka Mummy Meringue 05

Mummy Meringue

Feel the bloody, Mummy Meringue ooze down your throat. One of the scariest Sweets and Zakka Meringue that we offer, this Mummy Meringue will absolutely spook you! (Includes one bag of candy with 8 pieces of Mummy Meringue)
NT$ 100

The Mummy Meringue is one of Sweets and Zakka's spookiest Meringue. Fresh from the graveyard, this Mummy Meringue will make you scream in absolute delight as the fresh taste oozes down your throat. Buy some for your family and friends, it will send them howling in terror!!

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